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Everything Can Be Solved with Sex 

“You think everything can be solved with sex… 

...and I like it!” 

This was said to me recently 
and, truly, it's spot on! 

I believe nearly everything in 
romantic relationship can be: 

and connected 
through the body. 

Anger? Bitterness? 
Sadness? Lethargy? 
Ungrounded? Disconnected? 

>>> S E X <<< 

Purify it within... 

F*ck it out of the body... 

Channel SOURCE 
through your being... 

So much becomes available when 
you begin drawing on the power, 
sacredness, & life-nourishing 
energy of sexuality. 

If it's not being used to create a baby, 
it's being used for something else, my loves. 

Far too many people are just 
squandering this metaphysical 
- and literal - elixir! 

So... where is yours going 
AND where would you like it to go? 

(Note: This goes for working within a container with your partner and working with your own body in a self-pleasure/healing practice.)


{photo source unknown} 


Cat Calling vs. Authentic Acknowledgement  

Cat Calling vs. Authentic Acknowledgement 

YES, men can compliment/admire a woman they don’t know and have it resonate... ✨ 

The key that allows it to light women up, instead of repel us, is all in the energy the admirer comes to us with. (Delivery helps, of course, but the energy is what carries the essence.) 

Cat Calling (and leering): 
- misplaced sexual energy 
- aggressive 
- assumes entitlement to a woman’s body 
- non-discerning and low level 
- often a power play 
- from an energy of taking 
- misaligned 

Authentic Acknowledgement: 
- stemming from gratitude 
- in an energy of giving 
- coming from genuine appreciation and admiration 
- offered with discernment and intention 
- high level and aligned 
- no expectation 
- honors the receiver 

Men, when you’re feeling drawn to acknowledge/admire a woman while out and about, please check in with yourself first and see where your energy is. 

Is it coming from an aligned space? 

Are you honoring her [and, in doing that, yourself as well]? 

What is your intention? 

Because of the negatively charged cat calls that most women have experienced, many completely shut down to even healthy receiving... 

To self-protect, they’ve numbed their ability to receive from the masculine and lump both aligned/misaligned energy together, shunning admiration entirely. 

This is where our work comes in, sisters. I invite you to learn what it is like to receive from a safe, aligned, genuine source. (Which may get to start with men in your inner circle and then eventually branch outward). 

Men, please note that, because of an experience(s) a woman may have had, she might not be receptive whatsoever, even if you come to her with aligned energy. This is okay. She’s in her process. I invite you to not take it personally and honor this. 

(Note: Yes, women can obviously cat call too. I personally have never experienced that myself, though, nor have references of friends having experienced it, so I’m sticking in my wheelhouse for this post. If you’re familiar with women cat calling and are comfortable sharing, you are welcome to.?) 

Words: Andrea E Nicholas 
Photo: Two Thirds Honey

>> Full Spectrum Man <<  

>> Full Spectrum Man << 

Reveal to me a man… 

Who walks with the 
sure and steady steps of a warrior; 
the echo of his battle cry resounding. 

Who allows himself to feel deeply; 
heart tender and cheeks painted 
with unconcealed tears. 

Who trains his mind, body, heart, and lingam; 
so that he may have the purest vessel 
to serve his mission on this planet. 

Who spends endless hours worshipping 
at the temple between my legs; 
devoted wholly to the magic of our 
sacred union and its alchemy. 

Who can hold me in all versions of my expression; sacred and profane, 
contracted and expanded; 
honoring my roars - both of 
rapture and of sorrow. 

Who stands beside his fellow man; 
brotherhood...bonded in holy alliance. 

Who bares witness to wombyn-kind; 
honoring, protecting, and exalting 
his sisters in our expression. 

Who can withstand the heat 
of the purifying fire - flames 
burning away that which no 
longer serves - and walk 
away emblazoned. 

Who penetrates life entirely; 
each and every dimension 
opened by his presence and potency. 

Who intuits when to wrap me up 
in tender embrace and when 
to pin me down with fervor. 

Who has practices discernment and 
utter integrity, in all facets of his life. 

Who laughs from deep within his belly, 
allowing joy and delight to spread 
throughout his entire being. 

Who plays from his inner child; 
rolling around with glee and meeting the 
little ones within the people around him. 

Who guides my body as we move through life; 
protecting and leading as his 
natural way of being. 

Who savors refinement; 
the taste of rare experiences, 
a polished finesse and the sophisticated 
side of this human experience. 

Who is an aligned steward to his success; 
knowing the more prosperity he creates, 
the more he is able to transform the planet. 

Who expresses wholly with body and voice; 
his truth conveyed outwardly, 
through movement and sound. 

Who honors the land and her people; 
a sacred change-maker and chain-breaker. 

May he embody all of this and more. 

May I meet him entirely & with my full spectrum. 

And so it is. 

Words: Andrea E Nicholas 
Photography: unknown


You’re a human being, not an air freshener! ?  

You’re a human being, not an air freshener! ? 

Let’s talk about your body's natural odor and why it doesn’t always serve to cover it up. 

Do you know your body's scent 
carries loads of information? Including: 

If you’re a good 
match with someone 
in the bedroom! ??? 

Seriously, darlings. 

It is vital to smell your 
[perspective] partner’s 
natural scent, to see if 
it appeals to you! 

Your olfactory glands take 
in their “body codes” and indicate if 
your body chemistry aligns with theirs. 

(Not to mention, if you would eventually 
be a good - i.e. diverse - genetic 
match to have children together. ? 

Not being acquainted 
with your love’s body odor 
and choosing a genetically 
similar person could lead to 
infertility issues, miscarriages, 
and children with weaker immune 
systems...which all obviously can 
take a toll on a relationship.) 

Rather important to know, eh? 

When going out with someone, 
many people slather on various 
scents (yes, even natural ones 
like essential oils count, haha!). 

What if you tried out going 
au natural sometimes? ? 

Letting the person 
actually take in, 
well, you? 

(Obviously, I’m not saying show up 
not having showered in three and 
a half days...but simply seeing 
what happens when you 
mammal it up a bit.) ? 

Have you ever had that experience where 
someone is physically attractive to you, 
but once you smell them or taste them, 
it just doesn’t appeal to you? 

That is super important info! ? 

While I know many of you who follow me 
on here probably left conventional 
birth control behind long ago, over 
TEN MILLION women in the US 
still turn to the pill (a whole other 
topic to dive into later). 

This has an effect that’s rarely 
spoken about in the mainstream: 

It massively alters women’s olfactory 
system...which means, quite literally, that 
she cannot sniff out a good mate. ?? 

A widespread issue that’s happened as 
a result of this is women getting off birth 
control to have children with a long-term 
partner...only to realize that the attraction 
isn’t actually there with him and/or having 
the aforementioned fertility issues. 

This can all be prevented by being intentional 
about it early on in relationship and, of course, 
using a more natural birth control method, 
like cycle tracking. ? 

(Note: Various hormonal, mineral, or nutrient 
imbalances can also throw off our scent. 
So my invitation is to know if that’s a factor 
in your dynamic. Additionally, know that a 
woman's scent changes based on where 
she is on her cycle; she likely will smell 
a lot more scrumptious to you 
- aka "Eau de DoMeNowIAmFertile" - 
when she's around her ovulation peak.) 


I‘m incredibly curious.... 

Do you let your natural scent out? ? 

Have you had experiences with either 
being super drawn to someone’s 
smell or turned off by it? 


?: Jenna McElroy


You Don't Have to Engage with Every Soulmate 

? ? You don’t have to engage with every single

soulmate you meet or person you’re drawn to... 

…and you certainly don’t have to go 
round in a loop, giving your energy 
to them / dynamic for months 
(or even years). 

Yes, of course these relationships 
have medicine for us + there is 
wisdom in the belief people 
come into our lives 
for a reason 

::: AND ::: 

We have 


over our lives + who we engage with! 

One of those 
choices can be to 
these lessons; absorbing and 
alchemizing what would have 
taken much longer, in a 
short amount of time. 

In fact, 
this process 
can be chosen 
upon meeting someone. 

It it totally possible to meet a 
soulmate, tune into the lessons that 
are available in that soul contract, 
and then download them right 
then and there, instead 
of going into a whole 
loop with them. 

I used to be the queen of 
staying entangled for much 
longer than I “needed” to be… 

I have a lot of empathy for that version of 
myself, because she was doing the 
best she could at that time. 

But oh how it is SUCH a blessing 
to have these tools now! 

To be able to step back and tune in, 
instead of immediately becoming 

I still may choose to dive in, 
but it is now a conscious 
and intentional decision! 

This allows the union 
to feel far more aligned. 


Have you ever overstayed in a dynamic; stretching out lessons? 

{photo source unknown}