- Custom Vocal Alchemy Transmission -


These soundscapes are customized fully for you and the intention you’re desiring to evoke. You are welcome to share a specific purpose (see list below for ideas) or simply ask to receive a transmission. The soundscape is treated as sacred and will only ever be heard by you (unless you choose to share it elsewhere).  

These audios can be deeply supportive during life unfoldings such as: 

  • Holding a ritual / creating a sacred space 
  • During meditation, breathwork, & personal practices 
  • Activations during self-pleasure & love making 
  • Flowing through labor and birth 
  • Experiencing deep relaxation/rest 
  • Navigating a medicine journey 
  • Transitioning into the afterlife or during burial ceremony 
  • Navigating grief and loss 
  • Cultivating orgasmicness & expanding pleasure capacity 
  • Stepping into a new timeline / attuning to a new frequency / inviting a specific frequency into your life 
  • Birthdays / solar returns 
  • Opening your heart 
  • During energy work and/or body work 
  • Womb healing 
  • During yoni/lingam/rosetta dearmoring or activation rituals 
  • Sacred union ritual / wedding vows 
  • When birthing an offering into the world 
  • Preparing for or creating relaxation during a medical procedure 
  • As a gift for yourself or another 
  • etc. 

Price: $222

>>> These transmissions are intended for personal use. If you desire to receive a custom soundscape to be used on a professional level (podcast intro, guided breathwork background, in your course/program, film soundtrack, etc.) please reach out to Andrea at hello@soulfulvessel.com  <<<  

Custom Vocal Alchemy Transmission
  • Custom Vocal Alchemy Transmission

Custom Vocal Alchemy Transmission

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Custom Vocal Alchemy Transmission

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Once purchased, Andrea will reach out via email to learn more about the desires for the transmission (unless you simply desire for her to bring it through), so she can imbue it with the intention you have. You will then receive the audio as a mp3 download.

Price: $222

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P.S. If now is not the time to receive a personalized transmission, you can still find Andrea’s public library (which is ever growing) here.