Deprogramming the Shame of Nakedness

△ N A K E D N E S S △ 

From the moment I arrived onto this earth, 
I was told that my purest form 
- n a k e d n e s s - 
was wrong. 

That the 
freedom I 
craved from 
the time I was 
a little girl - when 
the sun basked on 
A L L my skin and the 
cool waters embraced 
my E N T I R E body - 
was inappropriate. 

they’re called… 

And no one 
else should 
view them. 

The unseen. 

The hidden. 

(For some, these 
spaces remain 
unknown, even 
to themselves.) 

Shame was programmed into my body 
and beliefs etched into my skin: 

◮ men will not respect you 
unless you are modest 

◮ a woman’s purity depends on her virginity 

◮ pleasuring yourself is embarrassing 
(at the very best it’s taboo and 
at the worst it’s a sin) 

◮ no man will buy the cow, 
if he’s already had the milk for free 

Through taking on these beliefs as my own, I shut down my body. 

My breasts were 
bound by shame. 

My hips were weighted 
down by the heaviness of 
the repressed feminine collective. 

My yoni was dammed 
by the hymen of religiosity. 

I oscillated back and forth 
between desire and shame. 

Sovereignty and property. 

Until…one day, 
I removed the cloaks 
of feminine suppression, 
embracing my nakedness once more. 

Giving my body permission to 
move freely through the world. 

Not for a man’s viewing pleasure, 
but for M Y S E L F - so that she may 
be free *and* invite sisters to do the same.