Life Tool: Speak Into What's Happening

One of the most valuable tools I’ve integrated from my “froach” (I really think that combo of friend + coach is going to catch on - ha!), Emily Utter is the simple, yet mighty method of: 


That simple, loves. 

This could look like… 

Friend: “Hey, I feel that our friendship may have shifted after we had that miscommunication on _____ (e.g. timing). Have you felt that too?” 

Potential Client: “It seems we may have lost our connection there after the ______ (e.g. money investment) piece was discussed. What, if anything, came up for you there?” 

Partner: “Darling, I noticed that we agreed to make ____ (e.g. weekly dates) a priority and that hasn’t actually been happening. It feels sooo good when we do and I’d love to work together on that, so we can find a rhythm.” 


Sure, it may (or may not!) feel a bit awkward at first, but it feels so much cleaner than letting your observation take on a life/meaning of their own in your head. 

Have you ever tried this out? 
If so, I’d love to hear about it!


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