{ Bi-Sensuality } 

Even if we don’t claim it for ourselves, it’s safe to say that all of us are familiar with the concept of “bi-sexuality.” The beautifully fluid orientation where a person naturally resonates with both men and women, on the spectrum…

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Triggers & Judgement Are Our Teachers

Our triggers and our judgments are some of our greatest teachers... 

They arise to illuminate the parts 
of us that are yearning to shift, 
grow, expand, be let go of, 
or be embodied. 

A mirror for how you’ve…

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Embodied Woman {poem}

And so she danced; 
hips undulating, 
feet meeting the earth, 
to the beat of her heart. 

And so she sang; 
soul song resonating 
within her being 
and filling the space 
around her. 

And so she rooted; 
sinking in…

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BEing the Invitation

BE the invitation, loves. 

Sometimes, it’s as simple as that... 

You being an 
for another to: 

△ transform 
△ remember 
△ heal 
△ grow 
△ process 
△ release 


No words need to…

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Life Tool: Speak Into What's Happening

One of the most valuable tools I’ve integrated from my “froach” (I really think that combo of friend + coach is going to catch on - ha!), Emily Utter is the simple, yet mighty method of: 


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State Changing Out of Terrible Mood

Today I was in a terrible mood, for no reason in particular. 

Grumbly. Grouchy. Sharp-tongued. 

Sure, I’ve been impacted by 
the eclipses, starstuff, 
& life stuff... 

But let’s be real; 
overall, my life is 
W O N…

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