State Changing Out of Terrible Mood

Today I was in a terrible mood, for no reason in particular. 

Grumbly. Grouchy. Sharp-tongued. 

Sure, I’ve been impacted by 
the eclipses, starstuff, 
& life stuff... 

But let’s be real; 
overall, my life is 
W O N D R O U S! ?? 

I tuned into my body and 
knew it wasn’t a lack 
of nourishment. 

I’ve been super nurtured 
lately and felt clearly that it 
wouldn’t actually serve to 
curl up in bed for the day. 


I made a choice to 
take aligned action. 
(Thank you inner masculine!) 

I adorned myself in clothes 
that felt flowy, feminine, 
and sensual. ? 

I left the house and 
came to a succulent cafe 
(pun intended). ? 

I put a song that inspires me on repeat. ? 

I wrote out pages and pages of all the aspects of life I’m feeling grateful for - the simple and the profound. ? 

I breathed deep, sipped on a tea, and became present in my body. ? 

I undulated my hips, rolled my body, and moving my arms; swaying freely. ??‍♀️ 

It only took about 20 minutes of this process to start feeling embodied once more.... 

Heart rate slowed. 

Shoulders relaxed. 

Smile blossomed. 

Now, I’m ready to show up presently for my clients, crafting out magic for them and myself. ✨ 

Yessss to CHOOSING to state change 
and the results it offers. 

How do you get back in sync, babes? I’d love to know what works for you!


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