{ Bi-Sensuality } 

Even if we don’t claim it for ourselves, it’s safe to say that all of us are familiar with the concept of “bi-sexuality.” The beautifully fluid orientation where a person naturally resonates with both men and women, on the spectrum of sexuality… 

But what about the many women who either do OR desire to connect more “sensually” with fellow women, but not necessarily “sexually?” 

Well, my loves, in my reflections on this topic is where I birthed term “bi-sensual”… 

        BI-SENSUAL / adjective 

        [ bī-sen-shoo-uhl ] 

        Drawn to engage in a sensuous 

        nature with both women and men, 

        without their being a sexual 


Through explorations with women over the years, I realized that, while my body didn’t become “activated” the same way as it does with men, this in no way prevented me from being utterly in awe of the magic that is womanhood and the feminine body.* 

I also came to realize that there is something undeniably irreplaceable about women both giving and receiving the nurturing touch of each other… I witnessed that no matter how much feminine energy a man runs, the medicine that women hold for each other cannot be replicated. 

(Just as men carry medicine for other men that not even the most masculine-oriented woman can recreate, which is why it is vital for men to go and commune with their brothers.) 

What bi-sensuality can look like: 

≘ Inviting in the naturalness of being nude around fellow women. (Appreciating and admiring the uniqueness of each other’s bodies. Feeling safe to be in the presence of each other whole nude.) 

≘ Giving and receiving breast massage with a fellow woman. (Breast massage is a vital part of physical and energetic health for women. Even for those who are blessed to receive regular breast massage from male partners, I can tell you that it’s a vastly different and deeply nurturing experience to receive it from someone who both has their own breasts and is isn’t running sexual energy during it.) 

≘ Communal bathing with fellow women. (Simply being in the same space or even the ancient practice of washing each others hair and generally treating each other like a queen! This is a practice that still goes on in many parts of world...) 

≘ Yoni Gazing - this is one of the most powerful practices women can do with each other (even if you don’t resonate with either bi-sensuality or bi-sexuality). Most women have never truly gazed upon other woman’s vulva (yoni = “sacred temple” in Sanskrit and refers to the vulva/vagina) and this the root of where deep body dysmorphia resides. Due to the only vulval exposure women have being porn,  labiaplasties (painful cosmetic surgeries to alter one’s vulva) are at an all time high. I wholly believe that if women actually saw what other women’s natural bodies looked like and the huge variety that exists, this would no longer happen. 

≘ Cuddling closely and receiving safe physical touch. (Even when we are in relationship, but especially when we are not, one of the most accessible ways to receive aligned physical touch is from our female friends.) 

These experiences also call us back to an ancient knowing… The priestess sisterhood bloodline that runs through so many of us. (If you feel your body becoming activated by the thought of all of this, it very likely resides within you - no matter how dormant it may have been.) 

I invite you to find or create safe containers to claim your essence and explore it within. 🌸 


* I recognize fully that there are other versions of womanhood than just those born into “female” bodies AND I also know that it is impossible to speak to every single iteration of woman in my writing. Because my work resides at the specific intersection of yonis, wombs, and femininity it naturally draws in those with a specific physical anatomy and energetic-orientation. (I do have some beautiful examples of other creators who work in the realm of queer/trans womxn which I am happy to point people toward.) 


📷: the luminous WomanBeWild

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