Embodied Woman {poem}

And so she danced; 
hips undulating, 
feet meeting the earth, 
to the beat of her heart. 

And so she sang; 
soul song resonating 
within her being 
and filling the space 
around her. 

And so she rooted; 
sinking in deep, 
womb connected to 
earth mama’s magic. 

And so she rose; 
standing tall, 
eyes gazing 
into the cosmos. 

And so she roared; 
voice reverberating, 
truths echoing 
through the chasms. 

And so she grieved; 
feeling the pain 
of herself and 
her sisters 
and this earth, 
welcoming it in, 
and transmuting it 
into its higher purpose. 

And so she loved; 
heart open, 
receiving and giving, 
sinking into the oneness. 

And so she remembered; 
truths of old, messages 
of futures past, 
the callings 
and codes. 

A n d 
s o 
i t 

w a s 

A n d 
s o 
i t 
i s 

A n d 
s o 
i t 
w i l l 

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