An open letter to the person who reported my post on Facebook

An open letter to the person who reported my post on Facebook: 

Dear person, 

I’ll admit, 
when I first 
saw the notification 
that my post had been 
removed, I was frustrated. 


that this post - which inspired so many 
people to reach out to me, because it 
touched them deeply - would no 
longer be able to touch 
more lives. 

that I now have 
someone in my field 
who is not in support of 
my work and that I have 
no way to dialogue with you 
about it or remove you from my page. 

that so many people would still rather 
lash out at another, instead of 
doing their own work. 

that my expression was 
hindered, simply because 
the human body triggers you. 

that this is still an issue in society at all. 

that breastfeeding mothers are 
criticized, young women are 
sent home from school 
for being a distraction, 
and little girls enter 
a world where they 
are viewed as 
an object. 

that nudity is seen as wrong and 
the human form diminished; 
nakedness made impure. 

that there’s a whole other layer in 
which women don’t have the 
rights to their own sexuality, 
to express it freely 
and embody it. 

And then I felt compassion, 
when I realized how much 
you must be hurting… 

That maybe, just maybe, someone 
told you that your body was bad 
or wrong. That you should hide 
it and be ashamed of it... 
and you believed them. 

That seeing a nude form and being 
so pained that you can’t let a 
photo of it exist in the world, 
may just be how you feel 
when you look down 
at your own 

That your 
own body likely 
receives so much 
judgement, for it reach 
the point where it bubbles 
out into the world and into 
other peoples’ realities. 

That maybe no one 
told you it was possible 
to the work within yourself 
and you don’t have those tools yet. 

I see you. 

I feel you. 

I know it hurts. 

And there IS a better way. 

Our triggers are our teachers 
and there is a valuable 
lesson for you 
in this one. 

There is so much 
more available for you... 

If you’re ready to dive into this space 
of possibility, I invite you to message 
me (or someone else you resonate 
with more), to really examine this. 

And, if not, that’s okay too… 

I just ask that you please unfollow 
/unfriend me on here, so that 
we can both keep living our 
chosen lives. 

Sending love, 


UPDATE: Exciting news!!! 🔥🌸🌙💫 The post has been restored! I'm not sure if it had anything to do with this letter (or how that could even work), but either way, I'm thrilled.