When you are ACTUALLY ready, it will happen… ? 

When you are ACTUALLY ready, it will happen… ? 

I hear so often (and am guilty of saying it myself), “I am ready for ______ (my life partner to come in, to finally release that thing I’ve been holding, to have the pleasure I desire, etc.) Why isn’t it happening NOW, since I am ready?!” 

Well, loves, maybe you’re not 
actually quite ready for it yet... 

Maybe you’re simply 






Maybe there are things at play that you aren’t even aware of, that need to get in alignment for that ______ to come in/manifest/unfold/be created/be received in your life. 

And maybe that’s all okay... 

Does this mean stop taking committed action towards your desires, goals, and intentions? 

Of course not! 

Does this mean there is no power in declaring your readiness to the universe and yourself? 

Certainly not. 

But does it mean that it could serve you to stop getting hung up on the belief that there is something wrong, because you are “so ready” and yet the thing hasn’t come in? 

Quite possibly! 

My invitation is to see what becomes available when you choose to stop focusing on how ready you are and constantly 
wondering when it will come 

....and instead: 

start focusing on who you would be, what you would embody, and how you would show up in the world if you already had that thing. ✨ 

Stop worrying about a timeline you can’t control and put all of that worry some energy into becoming a vibrational match for the thing(s) you desire. 

Have you ever gotten caught up in a judgement loop of being “so ready” and wondering why it’s not happened yet?


?: Rosie Rees


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