Bring Me All of You or Nothing

Bring me your sweat; 

heart pounding, 

veins pulsing, 

aura throbbing. 

Bring me your voice; 

roars unstifled, 

throat wide open, 

truths spoken. 

Bring me your tears; 

heart raw, 

eyes open, 

gaze unaverted. 

Bring me your breath; 

deep and slow, 

circulating through the orbit, 

merging with my own. 

Bring me your presence; 

hearts beating as one, 

each sensation honored, 

an unbreakable container forged. 

Bring me your strength; 

unwavering as I storm, 

a safe harbor, 

a space held. 

Bring me your body, 

so that I may trace the 

the belt of orion in your freckles 

and hear the stories told by your scars. 

Show me your strength 

and your weakness. 

Show me your light 

and your darkness. 

Show me your humanness 

and your god-nature. 

Show me your pursuit, 

so that I may surrender. 

Bring me  Y O U 

in your entirety 

or nothing at all… 

…for no other version of you 

will step foot in my temple or 

know the depths of my heart. 

~ Andrea E Nicholas