Andrea Nicholas Bio

Andrea Nicholas is a Sacred Sexuality Guide, Embodiment Coach, and Vocal Alchemist. 

A multi-modality creatress and catalyst, her work is to invite women into a new relationship with their full-spectrum feminine embodiment, pleasure, orgasmicness, and innate radiance. 

Her primary crafts are: Feminine Embodiment, Sacred Sexuality/Tantra, and Vocal Alchemy (sound healing).

She has been alchemizing spaces both internationally and domestically for nearly a decade; with immersive experiences and workshops spanning across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the US. 

After getting a degree in the Psychology of Sexuality, her journey was centric around unearthing her gifts of Embodiment, Vocal Alchemy, Voice Activation, Movement, and Sacred Sexuality.

While she has been a vocalist her entire life, it was when she was living in Northern Thailand, that her gifts fully emerged and, with them, her deep passion for the healing arts. 

Since then, she has created workshops series around the globe, supporting others in discovering their own soul songs, expressing their authentic voices, and opening their bodies. 

Andrea is a lifelong vocalist and songstress - as a little girl, she would often use singing to communicate instead of speaking! That passion for the power of music has stayed rooted in her bones to this day and is evident in each song she creates, across all genres.