You Don't Have to Engage with Every Soulmate

? ? You don’t have to engage with every single

soulmate you meet or person you’re drawn to... 

…and you certainly don’t have to go 
round in a loop, giving your energy 
to them / dynamic for months 
(or even years). 

Yes, of course these relationships 
have medicine for us + there is 
wisdom in the belief people 
come into our lives 
for a reason 

::: AND ::: 

We have 


over our lives + who we engage with! 

One of those 
choices can be to 
these lessons; absorbing and 
alchemizing what would have 
taken much longer, in a 
short amount of time. 

In fact, 
this process 
can be chosen 
upon meeting someone. 

It it totally possible to meet a 
soulmate, tune into the lessons that 
are available in that soul contract, 
and then download them right 
then and there, instead 
of going into a whole 
loop with them. 

I used to be the queen of 
staying entangled for much 
longer than I “needed” to be… 

I have a lot of empathy for that version of 
myself, because she was doing the 
best she could at that time. 

But oh how it is SUCH a blessing 
to have these tools now! 

To be able to step back and tune in, 
instead of immediately becoming 

I still may choose to dive in, 
but it is now a conscious 
and intentional decision! 

This allows the union 
to feel far more aligned. 


Have you ever overstayed in a dynamic; stretching out lessons? 

{photo source unknown}