>> Full Spectrum Man << 

>> Full Spectrum Man << 

Reveal to me a man… 

Who walks with the 
sure and steady steps of a warrior; 
the echo of his battle cry resounding. 

Who allows himself to feel deeply; 
heart tender and cheeks painted 
with unconcealed tears. 

Who trains his mind, body, heart, and lingam; 
so that he may have the purest vessel 
to serve his mission on this planet. 

Who spends endless hours worshipping 
at the temple between my legs; 
devoted wholly to the magic of our 
sacred union and its alchemy. 

Who can hold me in all versions of my expression; sacred and profane, 
contracted and expanded; 
honoring my roars - both of 
rapture and of sorrow. 

Who stands beside his fellow man; 
brotherhood...bonded in holy alliance. 

Who bares witness to wombyn-kind; 
honoring, protecting, and exalting 
his sisters in our expression. 

Who can withstand the heat 
of the purifying fire - flames 
burning away that which no 
longer serves - and walk 
away emblazoned. 

Who penetrates life entirely; 
each and every dimension 
opened by his presence and potency. 

Who intuits when to wrap me up 
in tender embrace and when 
to pin me down with fervor. 

Who has practices discernment and 
utter integrity, in all facets of his life. 

Who laughs from deep within his belly, 
allowing joy and delight to spread 
throughout his entire being. 

Who plays from his inner child; 
rolling around with glee and meeting the 
little ones within the people around him. 

Who guides my body as we move through life; 
protecting and leading as his 
natural way of being. 

Who savors refinement; 
the taste of rare experiences, 
a polished finesse and the sophisticated 
side of this human experience. 

Who is an aligned steward to his success; 
knowing the more prosperity he creates, 
the more he is able to transform the planet. 

Who expresses wholly with body and voice; 
his truth conveyed outwardly, 
through movement and sound. 

Who honors the land and her people; 
a sacred change-maker and chain-breaker. 

May he embody all of this and more. 

May I meet him entirely & with my full spectrum. 

And so it is. 

Words: Andrea E Nicholas 
Photography: unknown