Feeling Stressed? Grab Your breasts! 

Feeling stressed? Grab your breasts! 

Seriously, though... 

Not only 
are our breasts 
major centers of both 
intuition and pleasure, they 
are also a huge source of comfort. 

(Nature’s built in stress balls!) 

From the moment we come 
onto this planet, breasts 
are the place we go for 
sustenance, nurture, 
connection, and 

We women are 
blessed to have these 
comfort-sources with us at 
all times, yet it’s easy to forget 
how much of a resource they are. 

If you’re feeling... 
or disconnected 
from your body, 

I invite you take 
even just a moment to 
pause, connect with your 
breasts (this can look like lightly 
cupping, stroking, squeezing or something 
else entirely, depending on what your 
particular situation 
calls for) and 
b r e a t h e. 

If you have some free time available 
and/or are really feeling called to go deeper, 
why not carve out some space, pull out a 
nice oil, and give yourself a luxurious 
breast massage? 

Either way, 
whether it’s for just 
a moment of connection or 
an entire long session, 
your body is sure to 
thank you for 
tuning into 
HER. ? 

P.S. Yes, yes, men... 

Of course, 
connecting to 
them is incredibly 
soothing for you too 
and decreases stress - 
but make sure the breasts 
you’re grabbing are connected 
to a very willing and collaborative 
person! (And, on the note, give 
those breasts some extra 
loving and they’re sure 
to offer you lots of 
goodness too!) 

Ladies, what 
is your relationship 
with your, well, ladies? ??? 


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Artist: Unknown (does anyone know who created this boob-magic art?)